The Traveling Writer’s first sponsor

May 4, 2011

While brainstorming how to save money for my next leap, I put some thought into the best way to make a few dollars off this blog — without jeopardizing the content.

I decided on sponsorships. But only relevant sponsorships — services and products like editing, writing classes, social media coaching and ebooks that readers might actually care about.

I like this idea because it introduces our community to like-minded individuals suited to help us reach our goals. It also helps small businesses who might not be able to afford to advertise on big sites reach a niche audience of writers and travelers. And since I envision some members of this community serving as sponsors, it’s cool to see what services and products you offer and how you market them.

Today The Traveling Writer has its first sponsor!

Red Ink, Inc.

Kristen Ethridge of Red Ink, Inc. is featured in the “This month’s sponsor” widget in the right sidebar. A writer and editor based in Dallas, Kristen’s available to edit your work, to give your writing the professional polish it needs for publication.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, here’s the deal: I’ll have only one sponsor at a time, for $75/month. I’m hoping to push that up to $100/month after six months, so if you want to reach this community of writers, get in touch now! I’m also willing to offer an advertising slot at the bottom of my (short) sidebar for $50/month (similar to a sponsorship, but less prominent placement), so holler if that interests you or your company.

Wonder how many readers you’ll reach? The Traveling Writer gets about 9,000 page views each month, sees more than 4,000 unique visitors and has more than 425 subscribers.

Thanks for helping make this blog successful enough to warrant this next step!

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