Writers’ Roundup: August 26

August 26, 2011

Thank you all for your support as I transition to self-employment! I honestly don’t think I could’ve done it without you cheering me on.

My first full week as a journalist/blog & social media strategist/budding entrepreneur was AWESOME. You’d think I would’ve slept in to celebrate my new flexible workday, but on Monday morning I flew out of bed early with an idea. I’ve been working on that idea, plus a handful of others, all week. I’m so excited to release them to the world!

One of my short-term goals is to take on at least one more client who needs help growing their online community via blogging and/or social media. So here’s one way you can help me on this journey: Send this link or forward this email (if you subscribe via email) to one company or organization that might want to step up their social media game. I’m especially interested in working with clients in the careers/job search and travel/adventure spheres. I really appreciate it!

And now, links from this week:

Stay safe from hurricanes and earthquakes this weekend!


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    8 Replies to “Writers’ Roundup: August 26”

    • Lee Cart says:

      Congrats again! I am eager to keep reading of your successes and failures as I continue working and hoping that one day, I can take the same leap that you have. Best of luck to you…

    • Alexis, you’re quite an inspiration! I’ve read your tips on writing an ebook and you motivated me to start on something I’ve thinking of. But I have a question: Do you think it’s more beneficial as far as branding is concerned and more profitable to publish as an ebook that is only available to read via computer and you don’t have to share the profits, or to publish through creatspace, for example, so it’s available to ereaders, and then having to share profits with Amazon? Is the exposure better thru Amazon or can we market enough for high sales as an ebook for the PC? Sorry, that’s two questions. 🙂

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Hey Marcia — Great question, and I’m still trying to figure that out myself. Consider both the audience (will they read a digital version?) and how you plan to sell it. Do you have a huge online platform, or do you need Amazon? Would your readers be more likely to buy it via the ease of Amazon?

        Congrats on getting started!

        • Thanks, Alexis, that simplifies it for me. My platform is definitely growing, but is not huge yet. My NF ebook will be one that a person might want to refer back to from time to time with ease, so maybe pub thru Amazon would be best, though I’d love to keep all my profits! Thanks again.

        • Alexis Grant says:

          Also — I’ve got another post coming up soon that touches on this, so watch for it!

    • Jenny Blake says:

      Thanks so much for the link love, Alexis! I love following along with your blog (and adventures) too — it’s so great feeling like we’re among peers! I look forward to our paths crossing “IRL” sometime soon 🙂

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