Writers’ Roundup: October 21

October 21, 2011

Welcome to Friday!

Before we get started, check out my critique partner Peggy Frezon‘s new book, Dieting With My Dog, which released this week. What an accomplishment!

This is Peggy’s first book, and I’ve watched her with admiration through every step of the publishing process, starting with when she landed her agent. I’m so proud of her — and Dieting With My Dog is a great read. If you want to support an author this week, order this book. (Because of a distribution glitch, the book is listed as “out of stock” at Amazon, but just order it anyway; you’ll get it soon.)

Now for some great links from this week:

  • Interesting trend piece from The Atlantic about the rise of single women. (Wait, didn’t some of you offer to set me up with smart, outdoorsy men?)

Have a great weekend!

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