Use Social Media to Make Your Own Luck = New Course!

January 23, 2012

I write often about the importance of using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn — not to mention blogging — to make your own luck.

But how, exactly, should you do that?

Now, for the first time, I’m offering an online course with practical tips and ideas, so you can accumulate the “luck” you crave — whether you’re looking to publish a book, start your own business, land new clients or make a career change. Through this course, I will teach you how to make connections strategically over social media, so opportunities come to you.

Make Your Own Luck (with Alexis Grant)

#MYOL is the course you’ve been asking me for. Whenever I write on my blog about making your own luck, readers ask, but HOW? I got that same question when Problogger featured me as one of their 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012. Y’all asked, how did you get on that list?

If you enroll in this course, you’ll not only learn how to Make Your Own Luck, you’ll also be doing it.

This course is for you if:

  • You know you should be using Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your goals, but you’re not sure how
  • You’re not be getting as much as you want out of your social media networks
  • You’re looking to make more connections with influential people (aka literary agents, editors, recruiters or thought-leaders in your community)
  • You’re eager to grow your blog readership
  • You want to become one of those people who boosts your success by using social media in a smart way

This is a high-level beginner course. It’s NOT for total social media newbies; I’m not going to go over what RT means or how to provide value on your networks, because you can learn that elsewhere. (It’s also not for advanced users who eat and breathe social media.) I expect you to already be on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and to be using those networks — but maybe not as well as you could.

You’ll learn practical tips for all three of those networks, but the course is Twitter-heavy, since that’s the best way to connect with people you don’t already know.

Course dates: March 5-30

How it works: Every weekday for a month, you'll receive an email with one action item, a tip you should follow that day to grow your network. Yup, that’s 20 emails full of awesomeness! Little by little, you'll learn to catch the eye of the people you need to know to reach your goals.

Plus: I'll be available via email to answer any questions about those tips as they arise. You’ll have a personal social media coach – without the high price tag.

Price: $99

Why you should sign up NOW

I’m only making this course available for 30 participants because I want to be able to give you quality one-on-one help when necessary. And my newsletter subscribers — who get a heads up and discount on all of my ebooks and courses — have already filled a handful of those spots.

That means if you want a spot, you should sign up NOW, before it’s full.


~ Click over to Make Your Own Luck for more details and to sign up. ~

See you in the land of lucky!

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