Writers’ Roundup: April 6

April 6, 2012

It’s Friday!

Got some disappointing news this week: a rejection from a writer’s colony in Connecticut, I-Park. Unfortunately, that was the ONLY residency I applied to this year. So for the first time since 2008, I’ll be without a colony experience.

Honestly though, I think this happened for a reason: so I could focus on building my business. Because I know as well as any of you that if you’re set on spending several weeks at a colony, you’ve got to apply to more than one; they’re just so damn competitive. I kind of figured if I didn’t get into this first choice, I’d be better off writing my next book while kicking more butt as a solopreneur.

A few nuggets to start the weekend:

  • Journalist Matt Stiles shared an interesting Daily Viz that compared America’s spending habits to those of other countries. I love his data visualizations!
  • Mixergy aired a helpful video interview with Lewis Howes about marketing via webinars. Actually, this one’s from early March, but I’m just getting caught up on Mixergy.

Happy reading!

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    3 Replies to “Writers’ Roundup: April 6”

    • I don’t go to a colony each year, but do try to have a retreat of some kind. I’ve attended several retreats with a NYT best-selling author. We write for awhile on a current WIP, then he edits and teaches each of individually.

      This year I think I’m going to use some travel time for a retreat. I’m taking a two-day train trip to a speaking gig. So I’m renting a roomette where I can write to my heart’s content without distraction. Well except the scenery as it goes by.

    • You might want to consider a residency at the Studios of Key West. http://www.tskw.org/ I think their applications are open until mid-May. They’ve just redone two cottages and I’ve heard they’re nice. For better or for worse, I’m workshopping in Taos at the Taos Writers Conference. It will be my second year and I’m looking forward to getting back to New Mexico. I’ll write about it on my blog at http://janenewhagen.wordpress.com/.

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