Creating Your Own Career… and My Next Book

March 21, 2012

I’ve been thinking about writing Book No. 2. Thinking a lot. And outlining. Enough that it’s time to share this blossoming project with you.

Here’s the idea — no, better yet, the working title: Creating Your Own Career: How to Make the Gig Economy Work for You. How now, more than ever before, it’s possible to string together several different interests and skills to make a living doing what you love, without working for one employer.

Juggling is the new 9-to-5.

Juggling is the new 9-to-5.

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise considering what I write about on this blog, how we’re pushing the professional envelope at Brazen Life, and the job at U.S News that I recently left — careers editor — to cobble together my own career. I’m not the only go-getter making this work, and I believe it’s the future of the paycheck, at least for those of us who are smart enough to think outside the box.

I’m not talking about another digital guide, though I have plenty of ideas for those going forward. For this topic, I’d aim for traditional publishing.

Why? Because creating your own career is a big trend, one that will continue to grow over the coming years. And shockingly, no one else has written this book. No one has walked readers through the process of figuring out how to make a living doing what you love, of becoming your own boss, of finding freedom in your career and life. And as more people turn their backs on unstable employers and weave together careers as slashers, they’re going to need a guide on how to do it.

Freelancers and consultants and slashers have been around for years, but the Internet now makes it easier than ever before to find success, whether you’re selling a product or selling yourself. Personal branding and online community building bring a whole new dimension to this work-style.

If you’re reading this and thinking, hey, I should take advantage of this new trend — YOU SHOULD. (And that’s exactly what this book would be about.) This opportunity is huge. TAKE IT AND RUN WITH IT.

If you’re reading this and thinking you’d want to read this book, let me know in the comments. Part of the reason I’m sharing this idea is to garner your feedback — both positive and negative. The other reason I’m sharing is to help the idea grow. Because often, blogging about a seed of an idea — or in this case, an outline — makes it more real.

Lastly, if you’re reading this and thinking, hey, I’ve already done that — please get in touch. This project will include interviewing folks who have created their career in one way or another, so I’d love to hear from you.


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    16 Replies to “Creating Your Own Career… and My Next Book”

    • Melissa says:

      That sounds like a book I’d love to read! I’m so tired of the soul-drain that is retail and I’d really like to make a living freelancing. I’ll be the first to grab a copy when you’re finished!

    • Please, please, please write this book! It would be so useful for me as well – I think I have lots of talents that can be used to create a career for myself. I’ll be the second to buy a copy!! 🙂

    • Peggy Frezon says:

      You are the Perfect Person to write this book! While the desire to be your own boss has been around forever, trends are changing and you’re always right on top of those trends. I’d love this book, and would buy it for some friends and family too.

    • Can’t wait to see some of the stories. It’s very reassuring to know that it is actually possible. It uplifts you in a way.

    • Hi Alexis,
      I think this is a fantastic idea. It’s interesting that you bring up the point about people not wanting to follow the traditional career paths and string together their interests into a comprehensive package as a rewarding and fulfilling career. Okay so you didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s what I got from it. But as an interesting parallel, in the higher ed world, we are also started to see this as well. We see people who essentially have degrees pieced together through stints at various colleges. Or those who are doing a combo of credit course work at traditional colleges and universities as well as online freebie courses and seminars. Nothing is traditional anymore. I think your book would be very timely and a refreshing alternative to the next gen as well as the now gen.

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Christina — Thanks for such thoughtful ideas! You’re so right that nothing’s traditional anymore. Just out of curiosity — was talking about this with a reporter friend the other day — what online courses do you see people taking a lot?

    • Jaclyn says:

      Go Lexi!!! This is a FANTASTIC idea for a book and you’re the perfect person to write it!

    • YES, YES AND YES! Would absolutely love to read this book, especially since you’ve only been at this for a few months and you’re already doing so well. I’m glad you’re going to try traditional publishing even though I selfishly wish you would do it on your own so I could read it sooner 🙂

    • Lisa Duran says:

      Put me on your list of book buyers! I’ve finally squelched my fears about having this kind of career/lifestyle, and now I’m ready to create it for myself. Any advice or support your book has to offer would be greatly appreciated and very timely.

      • Alexis Grant says:

        Yeah! Love to hear it. Keep your eyes on the blog, as I plan to write more about this in the coming months, even before you can get your hands on a book 🙂 And if you’ve got any specific questions or concerns, let me know and I’ll try to answer them!

    • Mel Corbett says:

      I’d definitely buy that book. Add me to your list of buyers and shoot me an email when it’s out. Of course, I’ll still keep checking the blog too 🙂

    • Clare says:

      Look forward to reading it Alexis!

    • Heather says:

      Awesome book idea! I’ll be in line for this as well.

    • This sounds like a book that any pre-published writer would be interested in reading. 🙂 I love your blog header, by the way. “The Traveling Writer” – great branding!

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