How I Transitioned from My Day Job to Freedom

June 25, 2012

Remember this beautiful cover y’all voted on a while back?

How I Surpassed My Day Job Income in Just 6 Months of Self-Employment

The guide is now READY. It’s HERE! It’s just WAITING for you to download!

One reader told me this is my best work yet — and I totally agree. I’m proud of this 90-page guide not only because it details all the lessons I’ve learned since going off on my own, but also because it includes practical, actionable advice to help YOU make a living on your own terms.

And that’s really my overall goal with these guides: to help YOU create the life you want to create, to help go-getters achieve their big dreams.

Think this guide belongs in your digital toolbox? Check out all the details of what’s inside — plus a sneak peek at the Table of Contents — right here.

Oh, and if you don’t think this is right for you but you want to support the project, just click one of the share buttons at the bottom or left of this post. The most helpful thing you can do is tell your friends!



Rebecca ThormanRarely have I seen a writer who is completely honest AND useful. Alexis offers extremely realistic advice to turn your side job into your day job… In sharing her experience, Alexis will motivate, inspire and inform you to follow your dreams.

– Rebecca Thorman of Kontrary

Alicia VazIt has been very helpful to get a glimpse at the life of a solopreneur and feel like, SHE GETS IT. Alexis' work is inspiring, easy to read and relative to aspects of my business. I'm thankful that she's being so transparent in the sharing of her experiences.

– Alicia Vaz of Socialicia

Dana Sitar[This guide] offer[s] answers to the questions that arise while I read Alexis' blog about HOW she doing the great things that she recommends… [She] sparks my creativity and motivates me to take yet another unconventional step to grow my solopreneur career.

– Dana Sitar of by.dana.sitar

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