The Secret to Connecting with Influential People Online

July 30, 2012

When I went to the World Domination Summit a few weeks ago, I had a list of about a dozen people I wanted to meet.

Most were well-known bloggers who write about my content areas: careers & entrepreneurship, writing and travel.

And guess what? In most cases, those people wanted to connect with me, too. We’d already become online friends, and the summit was our chance to take that connection off-line. To hang out IRL (In Real Life).

So how the heck did I get popular bloggers to want to know me?

The first half of the answer is easy: I’m friendly online. I’m myself. I genuinely want to get to know these people.

But the second half is what turns that desire into reality: I know HOW to get people to notice me online.

This is the SCORE! face you'll make when you make that vital online connection.

This is the SCORE! face you’ll make when you create that vital online connection.

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching starting next Monday when Make Your Own Luck launches for the third time. That’s also what you’ll learn if you enroll: how to use social media to get influential people to notice you.

In fact, as part of the first lesson, participants make a list of exactly who they want to connect with online. That could be anyone! (Yes, even well-known people.) It could be a literary agent. Or the boss at the startup where you want to work. Or a big-time blogger who you want to pitch a guest post. Or any of the other people who work in fields you’re interested in, people who can help you get where you want to be.

Did I mention I connected with my agent because of Twitter? Or that I was featured on Problogger’s list of 20 Bloggers to Watch this year by someone I met… ONLINE?

Those are the relationships you’ll begin during this course — relationships with people who matter.

To reach them, you’ll learn techniques and strategies to apply on Twitter (my favorite networking tool!), LinkedIn and Facebook. And you’ll have your own private coach throughout the course, too — me. For the entire month, I’ll field questions from participants, so you can learn as much as possible.

Sign-ups are coming in fast, and we’ve already got an awesome group. So join us! The course begins one week from today, on Monday, Aug. 6.

Hit the Sign Up button for more details and to enroll.

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