New Course! Become a Twitter Power User

September 17, 2012

Here's something you learn oh-so-quickly as an entrepreneur: if your community asks for something, and what they ask for is BRILLIANT, you give it to them.

That's why I created Become a Twitter Power User, a course that will run for the first time next month — because YOU asked for it.

Some of you know I'm kind of a Twitter nut. I've used Twitter to make all sorts of strides in my career — from signing with a literary agent to getting featured on a popular blog to interviewing for a job (back when I wanted one). And I'm constantly helping friends and readers learn tips and tricks to get the most out of the network, so they can reach their big goals.

So when participants of Make Your Own Luck, my email-based social media course, asked for a Twitter-specific class, I knew it was GENIUS.

Major networking for you + Fun for me = BINGO

The inaugural course will run Oct. 1 – Nov. 2. That's FIVE weeks of manageable tips delivered daily to your inbox, plus case studies (aka fun examples) and access to my Twitter-lovin' brain anytime you want. Basically a personal coach without the high price tag, not to mention an awesome community of #twitterpoweruser friends.

You could say this will be just a tiiiiny bit worth your time. (And if it's not, I always offer a money-back guarantee. Yes, I love you that much.)

For details or to sign up, head on over to Become a Twitter Power User.

I'm capping this class at 25 participants, so if you want in, grab a spot while you can!

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