Finding a Company That’s Good for Your Career

October 29, 2012

Old-school companies and organizations hire people for specific positions, then stifle ideas and growth to keep people in those positions (where they drown in boredom and frustration).

Forward-looking companies and organizations hire people with skills, potential and, most importantly, an eagerness to learn, and nurture those employees (who then help the company succeed).

Your career crossroads

Your career crossroads

Which kind of company should you aim to work for?

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    7 Replies to “Finding a Company That’s Good for Your Career”

    • Ha, right on Alexis!

      This is the reason why there’s such a class between the Baby Boom generation and the new Gen-Y , because BB still see employees as expenses on the balance sheet that should remain loyal til they retire, while GY want to be seen as assets that grow and development with new challenges.


    • I worked in an old school environment for 5 years, where I constantly struggled with boredom and frustration. As of last month, I now work for a forward-looking company and would encourage anyone I talked to to do the same. It gives you an opportunity to grow as both a person and an employee. I’m challenged every day and I absolutely love it.

    • Kionda says:

      Forward-looking companies would be the way to go for me. I gave almost 12 years of my life to an old school company. Finally left it in 2009. I’ve been trying to find my way ever since.

    • I started freelancing straight out of college so I have to say I’ve never worked in an old-school company.

      When I did finally take a full time job, it was for a start-up and I absolutely loved the work environment. It was challenging, rewarding and fun!

      While I’ve gone back to freelancing full time, I now work with start-ups and small businesses simply because they provide more creative freedom and are more prone to treating their freelancers as partners rather than somebody they hired.

    • Susan says:

      I rather go for the forward looking companies too. We all want to grow and learn, and the only way to is to go forward and constantly learn. Trying to find this in a company to work for myself.

    • Thomas James says:

      I could think of company that we could have flexible time. I mean, work and life balance. These days, it’s never easy to put ourselves in more into a company that asks for more time than for yourself. It is better to dwell on yourself – to handle time and work well.

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