Writers’ Roundup: June 28

June 28, 2013

It’s been an exciting week!

We had a great webinar with Ryan Ferrier of The 60-Day MBA, who’s offering a freelance edition of his course just for this community. (Signup closes Sunday!) My business, Socialexis, finally has its own site; more details in an upcoming newsletter about why we decided to go that route. And next weekend is the World Domination Summit! Drop me a line if you’re going so we can meet up.

Here are some great reads for the weekend:

Writers' Roundup (Alexis Grant)

  • Want to make money as a content writer? This penultimate guide from Blog Tyrant covers everything from finding jobs to choosing your rates to getting better gigs.
  • The next Only 72 bundle arrives on July 1, and it includes one resource in particular that’s perfect for writers.

Enjoy your weekend!

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