We’ve Got to Change How We Think About Jobs — That’s Why I Wrote This Book

February 18, 2014

When it comes to making a living, most people believe…

  • A job is a job, and earning a paycheck will never be fun and fulfilling
  • The only way to earn that paycheck is by waiting for someone else to see your potential and give you a job
  • Once you do land a job, the best way to succeed is by prioritizing the needs of your employer, then slowly and painstakingly working your way up the company ladder

This mindset, however, revolves around what I like to call the “old rules” of the workplace. If you’re following these rules, they’re holding you back. They’re holding you back BIG-TIME.

This old-school mindset keeps you from using the new digital world we live in — where anyone can make a name for themselves online, share their expertise and show their value — to your advantage. It keeps you from discovering what you deserve: a job you actually enjoy.

This mindset has GOT TO CHANGE. It needs to change both for individuals and for society at large.

That’s why I wrote You Deserve to Love Your Job: 20 Big Ideas for Succeeding in the New World of Work. It’s my first Kindle book, and it launches TODAY!

You Deserve to Love Your Job -- Final coverImage: Buy Now

Why you should buy and review the book TODAY

I published this ebook with the help of one of my awesome team members, Heather. Since it’s my first Kindle book, we learned a lot along the way. We’ll do a lessons-learned post in the next month or so, but one of the big takeaways is you want as many people as possible to buy your ebook at launch. That surge of purchases helps propel your ebook to the top of Amazon’s lists.

That’s why we’re offering the ebook for 99 cents for TODAY ONLY — both to incentivize you to buy today, and to reward loyal readers who purchase right away. After today, the price will go up to $4.99.

The other essential piece for success on Kindle is REVIEWS. Honest reviews from readers on the book’s Amazon page go a long way toward helping the book gain traction.

So I’m offering a bonus to anyone who reviews the book by the end of today (Tuesday, February 18th): a 20% discount code that’s applicable to any one of the ebooks in my AlexisGrant.com store. Simply leave a review on Amazon, email a screenshot of that review to team@socialexis.com, and we’ll send you your discount.

You Deserve to Love Your Job has already generated endorsements that made me smile, including…

Jon Acuff, New York Times Bestselling author of Quitter & Start, says:

Don’t let the word ‘deserve’ fool you, this book teaches you that the first thing you need to do to love your job is earn a job you love. Full of encouragement to work hard and the tools that will get you there, this is a great tool for anyone who refuses to accept the status quo.

Emily Bennington, leadership coach and author of Who Says It's a Man's World, says:

This ebook emphasizes what every new graduate needs to hear: that it's up to YOU to take charge of your career. Take just a few minutes to dive into Alexis' ideas, and you'll have the knowledge and motivation to make that happen.

Behind-the-scenes details

In addition to covering a topic I’m passionate about — that it IS possible to love your job — this ebook is also an experiment. I preach in the book that you’ve got to experiment often to keep learning, and this is me practicing what I preach.

Until now, all the ebooks I’ve released have been in PDF format, available only through my website. I like that model for a lot of reasons, many of which I explain in this blog post.

Releasing via Kindle is a different ballgame: It means less control over distribution (Kindle has an exclusivity policy, so I can’t also sell the book on my site), sharing the profits with Amazon, and — this is the biggie — selling the book at a lower price point. Because of that, I’ll have to sell a whole lot of books to see any monetary return on my investment.

This particular book works well at a low price point, which is one of the reasons we decided to go the Amazon route. But the truth is, I’m not expecting to make much profit on this book. Down the line, when I have several Kindle books available, it could become a significant form of revenue. But for now, I simply want to get this book — and the idea that you should play by the new rules of work — into as many hands as possible. That’s what Amazon brings to the table: the potential to reach people outside of my community.

How can you help spread the important ideas in this book? Forward this post to someone who might benefit, or share it on Facebook or Twitter. (Here’s a tweet to make it easy for you.)

I’m especially keen to share this new way of thinking with college students and recent graduates, who often launch into the scary world of work after being told the “old rules” are the ONLY rules. So if you know a young professional, shoot this blog post or the ebook their way! This is your chance to let them know there’s another way to live.

Don’t have a Kindle? You can still read the Kindle version. Simply download Amazon's free Kindle app to your favorite reading device. It's available for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Thanks to everyone who helped this ebook come to life, especially those of you who took the time to vote on the cover. I look forward to reading your reviews!

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    3 Replies to “We’ve Got to Change How We Think About Jobs — That’s Why I Wrote This Book”

    • Congrats on the launch and for nearing the top 1,000 rank on Amazon (last time I checked)!

      When you do your lessons learned post, could you talk about why you decided to go with Kindle exclusivity (which is optional), rather than selling on Apple, B&N, Kobo, your site, and Amazon simultaneously? I’ve used KDP Select myself, I’m just curious about your thought process here. Are you planning to maximize your efforts with Amazon first and then later withdraw from Select to publish on the other platforms? Thanks for the insight!

    • Just bought a copy and looking forward to reading it!

    • Thomas James says:

      Agree with you. Some people think that once they’ve started on a project, they do think that it is more easier to earn – No. Since, not all jobs are worth enough of your time and skills. We must choose what’s better on our field to love on the things they pay off. This is interesting, thanks!

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