I’m Super Excited About What’s Launching Today: The Writer’s Bundle

March 9, 2015

Remember last year my team and I launched The Writer’s Bundle over at The Write Life?

It was such a success that we decided to run it again this year — but with completely new resources and creators. And guess what…

After months of organizing and planning, The Writer’s Bundle is LIVE TODAY!

Like last year, we’re offering it at a massive discount, for three days ONLY. It includes resources on freelancing, marketing, publishing and more… everything you need to make a living as a writer.

Before I dive into some of the details behind HOW and WHY we run this deal, here’s a shot of the creators who are featured in the package:

The Writer's Bundle from The Write Life

Pretty impressive, right?

Click here to see The Writer’s Bundle

The coolest part is that several of these creators have allowed us to include products that retail for $179, $297, even $299… and yet the bundle itself only costs $99.

Here’s a list of what’s included:

  • Kindle Launch Plan: $1,400 in 30 Days & an Amazon Bestseller, from Nick Loper (retails for $99)
  • Content Strategy for Thought Leaders, from Sarah Kathleen Peck (retails for $300)
  • Learn Scrivener Fast, from Joseph Michael (retails for $179)
  • Book Proposal & Manuscript Template, from Joel Friedlander (retails for $27)
  • The Momentum Kickstarter Kit, from Charlie Gilkey (retails for $47)
  • Authority: A Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing, from Nathan Barry (retails for $39)
  • Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Business, from Alexis Grant (retails for $47)
  • Video Idiot Boot Camp, from Katie Davis (retails for $297)
  • Write for the Web, from James Chartrand (retails for $23)

If you want any of these ebooks or courses, now is the time to get your hands on them!

Why we offer this deal for writers

Why bother put together such a massive deal for writers?

As you can imagine, this takes quite a bit of effort, from selecting products to approaching creators to writing all the marketing copy to getting the technical elements for product delivery in line.

We do it for three reasons:

1. We like helping writers. That’s the whole premise behind The Write Life: helping writers make a living off their craft. And since a lot of writers are strapped for cash, offering a ton of useful resources at a ridiculous discount goes a long way toward helping writers navigate the digital landscape.

2. It covers costs of running The Write Life. As I wrote about in this post, we’re just barely turning the corner on profitability for this site. It costs about $3,000 a month to run The Write Life, and it will cost more in the future as the community grows and we push ourselves to pay more writers for posts. Our hope is that this sale will generate enough revenue to cover costs for the rest of the year, plus allow us to reinvest in the site, perhaps with a new site design or a flagship course. (Yes, both of those exciting things are in the works!)

3. It’s fun! And not just receiving notes of appreciation from writers; I’m talking about the act of running the deal itself. This is why I decided to build my own business, so I’d have the opportunity to work on cool projects like this. I love every aspect of the bundle sale, from rallying creators to spreading the word to our community to watching the sales come in on launch day.

Last year my data-genius husband created a dynamic dashboard so we could track sales in real time, and make smart, quick decisions based on those metrics. We’ll use a similar but improved dashboard this year, and my entire team will communicate via Slack, sharing what’s working vs. what’s not, to get the most out of our three days. I realize I must sound like a complete dork when I say this, but these three days are a real thrill!

Oh, one last thing: my side hustle guide is included in the bundle this year. If that guide’s been on your list, this is the perfect time to add it to your arsenal.

If you have any questions about how we run this mega-sale, I’m happy to answer them in the comments! Otherwise, I’ll see you over at The Writer’s Bundle.

P.S. If you want to see this deal take off, the best thing you can do is share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Here’s a tweet to make it easy for you.

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