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February 14, 2021

👉 TL;DR: Join my database of writers and editors

If you joined already but it was years ago, I encourage you to join again so your profile is updated.

Here’s an opportunity for you…

I often hire writers and editors, both for my own ventures and for my clients, for freelance opportunities and full-time roles. I use this database to find candidates for those opportunities.

You’re a fit if you are:

  • Open to freelance writing or editing work
  • Open to a full-time writing or editing role

… even if you have a job already. I will not share this list publicly, so no one will ever know you’re on it except me and any companies I recommend you to.

Please only fill out this form if you write online or for the web. I typically search by specialty, so when you get to that question, fill it out generously.

👉 Join my database of writers and editors

The Story Behind This Writers Database

In 2013, when I was running a boutique content agency, I published a blog post asking writers to join my database of freelance writers. 

I got hundreds of sign-ups right out of the gate. But what surprised me was what happened over the next eight years: writers kept joining, a steady stream of sign-ups every year. 

With zero promotion aside from that one blog post, nearly 2,200 writers have joined this database and shared what kind of writing they specialize in.

So I kept using it. Whenever I need to hire a freelance writer, I look back at the database to see who might be a fit. For a while I did this for friends, too, company leaders looking to hire a writer in a particular field. If they needed someone to write about pets, for example, I did a quick search to see who in the database has that specialty. 

Now that I’m working as a consultant, helping startups hire writers and editors, I’m circling back to this database to update it. Many of the writers who joined as early as 2013 have leveled-up in their career and now write about different topics.

If you’re a writer or editor who’s open to freelance writing or editing opportunities or full-time writing or editing roles, I hope you’ll join the database.

Want to read more about me and my background? Meet Alexis Grant.

This post was first published in 2013 and later updated to maintain accuracy.

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