Writers’ Roundup: September 3

September 3, 2010

Before we get to the good stuff, a little crowd-sourcing:

I’m brainstorming my list of interviewees for upcoming Q&As. Who would you like to see interviewed on this blog? Any particular subjects you’d like to learn about?

Now for links!

  • A new Google tool allows you to use keywords to search for blogs. Super helpful if you’re looking for blogs in your niche. From Read Write Web.
  • Tips on traveling as a vegetarian, from Gadling. Sticking to a veggie diet in certain countries is harder than you might think!
  • MediaBistro’s Galleycat brings us a garden of books in a Canadian forest. Photos like this are food for my creative side.
  • Awesome post from social media consultant Marian Schembari about using social media to connect with people in your field, not with other social media types. She calls it the Social Media Trap, and we all fall into it sometimes.

I’m off to Virginia Beach this weekend to drag myself through run a half-marathon. Between my half-a$$ training, a head cold last week and pain in my back, left calf and right achilles, this race is gonna be brutal an experience.

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