What’s the best connection you’ve made on Twitter?

February 28, 2011

Joining Twitter two years ago was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself professionally.

The network is awesome for a lot of reasons, including the valuable information that’s served right into my lap and the ideas it inspires. But the best benefit of Twitter is the connections you can make there.

So in honor of my two-year anniversary, here are a few of the people I’ve connected with on Twitter:

  • Many of you, who’ve become my readers, supporters and friends (To convince the Twitter doubters, leave a comment below if you found this blog via Twitter)
  • Writers of travel memoir — So many, in fact, that I began a Facebook group for writers of the genre

  • A writer who introduced me to my fabulous agent — without Twitter, I probably would not have signed with her
  • Writers who critique my work (And let me tell you, quality critique partners aren’t easy to find)
  • Journalists, several of whom have become in-person friends since I moved to D.C.
  • Organizers of Meetups, mainly of the journalism and tech variety, which I now attend regularly
  • Book lovers who invited me to join their book club
  • Bloggers who asked me to write guest posts for their blog
  • Hiring managers who considered me for a job back when I was looking

What’s the best connection you’ve made on Twitter?

Photo credit: Flickr’s br1dotcom

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