Writers’ Roundup: September 2

September 2, 2011

At this time next week, I’ll be working on Book 2 at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (known among artists as VCCA) during my third writer’s residency. Check here for word about how this fellowship compares to the others.

Links from the Interwebs this week:

  • Thursday Bram is launching a new membership site for freelancers. It’s just $7 for the first 100 participants. Thursday knows her stuff (we’ve talked it out over coffee), so if you’re trying to move into freelancing full time, this could be a worthwhile investment.
  • Joanna at The Creative Penn posts about Jonathan Fields’ book trailer, and she’s right — It IS an awesome trailer. Like, made-me-cry awesome. I’m taking a cue from Jonathan when I make my own trailer. (Coincidentally, I’m reading Jonathan’s first book, Career Renegade, right now.)
  • Heart-breaking story from writer and former-journo Emily Harris about putting her dog to sleep. This, ladies and gentleman, is how you “show, don’t tell.”

Happy long weekend!

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