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What We’re Launching Next at The Write Life, Plus 8-Month Progress Report

March 7, 2014

Ever since we launched The Write Life eight months ago, writers have told us they want to improve their writing, with the goal of getting published, making a living as a freelancer or growing a following online. So we asked ourselves: What can we provide, beyond the blog posts we offer already, that will truly […]

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Your Guide to Metrics: How to Measure the Effectiveness (ROI) of Social Media and Content Marketing

January 27, 2014

Eager to put your social media skills to use? Check out How to Create a Freakin’ Fabulous Social Media Strategy. Once you’ve got a social media strategy and content marketing plan in place, the next question on your radar should be this: How will we measure whether our efforts are actually working? In industry speak, […]

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MeetingBurner: The Affordable Alternative to GoToWebinar

January 14, 2014

About a year ago, I began experimenting with webinars. They proved to be an effective way to share my expertise, build my email list and engage the readers of this blog. As I explain in this post, which details my return-on-investment from webinars, there’s something powerful about interacting with readers in real time, when they […]

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Happy Holidays! Plus My Holiday Advice: Stop Blogging

December 19, 2013

Jon Morrow hit the nail on the head with this post: Why You Shouldn’t Publish New Content Over the Holidays. Why? Because no one will read it. All of the blogs my company manages see decreased traffic over the holiday period, which means yours probably will, too. Why publish new content when you know most […]

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Progress Report: How The Write Life is Faring After 4 Months

November 11, 2013

One of the ways my team measures our results for clients is by offering an end-of-month metrics report. What it details depends on exactly what we do for the client, but it could include Twitter growth and engagement stats, blog growth stats, newsletter open rates and more. Because we are treating The Write Life like […]

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Our SEO Strategy for Pushing The Write Life to the Top of Google

October 14, 2013

When you launch a new website, every little win feels like cause for celebration. So you can imagine the celebratory dance I did when I saw The Write Life had made it to the top of Google. It looked something like this:   Coming up first when someone searches for “The Write Life” has been […]

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Twitter Resources to Help You Up Your Networking Game

October 4, 2013

Happy Friday! My five-week Twitter networking course, Become a Twitter Power User, begins Monday, so I’ve spent this week spreading Twitter love around the web. Take advantage of these free training sessions and blog posts: Google Hangout with Ryan Ferrier of The 60-Day MBA on how to use Twitter to land partnerships and grow your […]

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18 Quick Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

September 19, 2013

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers had a brilliant post recently about the importance of promoting your work. (Thanks to Tom Ewer for pointing it out.) Derek says he spends 20 percent of his time creating and 80 percent promoting. He writes: If you spend time writing a piece of content, and that content only gets […]

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Social Media for Writers: New Course!

September 10, 2013

A few years ago, I developed a course called Use Social Media to Make Your Own Luck. It was my first course, and I was over the moon when participants gave it raving reviews. My editor who reviewed the course even told me I’d hit my sweet spot, that THIS was what I was meant […]

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A New Way to See the Person Next to You

August 1, 2013

After the World Domination Summit, one of the things I heard myself and other attendees saying again and again was how great it was to be surrounded by people who want to live remarkable lives. People who want to live differently. Who have great stories to tell. Who see the world through a lens that’s […]

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