Want to Start a Business or Freelance? Here’s How to Get Lucky

September 15, 2014

Because we’ve had so many visitors and personal obligations lately (mainly, a wedding), it’s been more obvious than usual that I have a flexible work schedule. In a country full of 9-to-5 workers, people tend to notice when you shift your workday to start at 1pm because you’re sight-seeing in the morning, or when you only work a few hours a day because you’ve systemized your business.

Folks tend to think this is awesome, and they often tell me so. It’s amazing! Convenient! I am so lucky I can make my own schedule!

Yet ironically, most professionals who decide to pivot away from the traditional workforce to create a career in freelancing or entrepreneurship meet a certain type of a resistance. More than a few crazy looks, some mentions of the “risks” involved, and likely a lot of not-so-encouraging questions.

It’s like people don’t see the path that goes from making a choice to build your own business to having freedom and flexibility in your work. On one end you get the crazy looks, and on the other end, the jealous ones.

Running uphill

It’s not easy to run uphill.

What about the string of hard work that ties these two ends together? What about the years of getting from the starting line to a place where you can sustain your business and lifestyle? What about the fact that those job-quitters and risk-takers are moving toward a career that goes around their life, rather than the other way around?

Developing an income that gives you freedom and autonomy does not happen magically. It’s not lucky, nor is it coincidence.

It’s hard work and conscious decisions. It’s living mindfully. It’s the result of letting all of those initial crazy looks roll off your back while moving in the right direction — your direction.

So ignore the naysayers and the head-shakers and the crazy looks. Because a few years from now? You’ll “suddenly” become really lucky.

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    6 Replies to “Want to Start a Business or Freelance? Here’s How to Get Lucky”

    • Just discovered your blog — love it! My self-employment journey started just over 14 years ago. I had a clear realization that the 9-5 world wasn’t for me anymore. Then it was all about finding my entrepreneurial fit. What market would I enjoy serving? Who is my ideal client and how will I make their life better? Finally, I was creating services and systems, trying to identify and sell to the right prospective clients, making adjustments — lather, rinse, repeat.

      A business and the relationships that make it work requires constant care. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me! 🙂

    • I constantly get told I’m lucky for being able to do what I do but it didn’t feel so lucky when I was putting in those 100 hour weeks trying to transition from my day job! 😉

    • I haven\’t held a square job since November 2002. People envy my \”flexibility,\” e.g., the ability to work from a McDonald\’s in Cardiff, Wales or in the spare room on my dad\’s Christmas tree farm. What they miss is the fact that (a) I really *am* working and (b) the fact that I\’m working on the plane, in the airport, in the evenings, on Sunday mornings….Yes, it\’s hard. Yes, it\’s worth it:
      And for those who think they\’ll simply quit a day job and have instant success as a freelancer….Well, I wish you luck but I wouldn\’t recommend you quit just yet. While some have a few lucky breaks, it can take years to build up enough contacts to survive as a freelance ANYTHING.

    • Benjamin R says:

      The last two sentences are really inspiring. Keep it up!

    • Thomas James says:

      I would like to suggest that before heading on the chosen craft, we must set in mind also that we are into the best opportunity and go for positivism and hard work. Thanks for sharing your good thought!

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