7 Tips for Transitioning from Day Job to Freelancer or Entrepreneur

August 12, 2014

This afternoon I had coffee with a guy who wants to leave his day job to work freelance. He asked all the right questions — how to know when it’s time to make the leap, what he should do to prepare, whether it’s the right decision. And while I have my answers right here in […]

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Twitter Resources to Help You Up Your Networking Game

October 4, 2013

Happy Friday! My five-week Twitter networking course, Become a Twitter Power User, begins Monday, so I’ve spent this week spreading Twitter love around the web. Take advantage of these free training sessions and blog posts: Google Hangout with Ryan Ferrier of The 60-Day MBA on how to use Twitter to land partnerships and grow your […]

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You’re Probably Doing This Wrong on Twitter

January 23, 2013

Guess what begins again February 4th? My Twitter networking course, Become a Twitter Power User. Join us if you want to get MORE out of Twitter! I thought everyone knew about this Twitter tip. In fact, I thought it was so well-known that I hesitated before writing a post about it for Steve Buttry’s blog. […]

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What It Really Takes to Grow a Side Gig

January 9, 2013

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar: Launch Your Side Hustle Like a Rock Star. (Yes, it’s free.) Starting a side hustle — whether you’re working a designer, writer, coach or whatever — isn’t easy. And one of the biggest challenges is TIME. How on earth are you supposed to launch a business when you’re already working […]

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Use This Twitter Technique to Make Big Things Happen

September 19, 2012

We all know making connections over Twitter is an effective way to work toward your career and life goals, whether you’re looking to change jobs, build a business, grow traffic to your blog, and more. But what’s not always so clear is exactly HOW to make those connections on Twitter. It’s not always obvious how […]

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New Course! Become a Twitter Power User

September 17, 2012

Here's something you learn oh-so-quickly as an entrepreneur: if your community asks for something, and what they ask for is BRILLIANT, you give it to them. That's why I created Become a Twitter Power User, a course that will run for the first time next month — because YOU asked for it. Some of you […]

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The Secret to Connecting with Influential People Online

July 30, 2012

When I went to the World Domination Summit a few weeks ago, I had a list of about a dozen people I wanted to meet. Most were well-known bloggers who write about my content areas: careers & entrepreneurship, writing and travel. And guess what? In most cases, those people wanted to connect with me, too. […]

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One “Connector” Who Uses Social Media to Make Her Own Luck: Jade Craven

February 8, 2012

Want to learn how to use social media to Make Your Own Luck? Check out my new digital course, which begins March 5! Speaking of using social media to Make Your Own Luck, today we’ve got an interview with a woman who has pretty much mastered that art. Jade Craven is a “connector” and digital […]

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Puh-Lease Don’t Ask Me to Check Out Your Blog

December 12, 2011

Whenever I get an email or auto-DM after following someone on Twitter (big no-no in itself) that asks me to check out their blog or Facebook page or whatever, I automatically delete. Yup, that’s right. A big, fat DELETE. Not only have I not checked out your blog, you’re now on my I’m-not-interested list. Which […]

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Use the Changing World of Work to Your Advantage

November 16, 2011

Yesterday I spoke to the Association Media & Publishing about career development in the digital age. Specifically, how to use the changing world of work to your advantage. (Notice I’ve been doing more speaking gigs lately? That’s becoming a piece of my income pie!) Taking advantage of trends in the workplace is a topic I’m […]

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