Our Twitter Love Story Continues… (Plus a Ridiculously Adorable Photo)

November 1, 2015

Since our son was born eight weeks ago, I’ve tried to write a coherent blog post at least half a dozen times. But as any parent will tell you, mothering a newborn is exhausting. Between around-the-clock breastfeeding, evening fussiness and a lot less sleep than I need, I’m lacking the physical and mental capacity to […]

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We’re Getting Hitched! How I Met My (Almost) Husband on Twitter

August 30, 2014

It’s a big week: I’m getting married! While I’ve shared a number of love stories on this blog in recent years, including how proud I am of my soon-to-be husband, I’ve never publicly revealed the story of how we met. In fact, the only place I’ve shared this story — aside from with family and […]

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Social Media for Writers: New Course!

September 10, 2013

A few years ago, I developed a course called Use Social Media to Make Your Own Luck. It was my first course, and I was over the moon when participants gave it raving reviews. My editor who reviewed the course even told me I’d hit my sweet spot, that THIS was what I was meant […]

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Twitter Serendipity at Its Best

May 9, 2013

This month, my boyfriend’s family came to visit from the UK. My boyfriend’s mother had one request: Could we secure tickets to the Holocaust Memorial Museum? She’d wanted to go to the museum during her visit to the States last year, but both times she stopped by to pick up tickets, the lines were hours […]

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You’re Probably Doing This Wrong on Twitter

January 23, 2013

Guess what begins again February 4th? My Twitter networking course, Become a Twitter Power User. Join us if you want to get MORE out of Twitter! I thought everyone knew about this Twitter tip. In fact, I thought it was so well-known that I hesitated before writing a post about it for Steve Buttry’s blog. […]

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Birthday Sale: 32% OFF Everything for Today Only

January 7, 2013

It’s my birthday! And you know how I like to celebrate milestones… By rewarding loyal readers! Since I’m turning 32 (crazy!), I’m offering 32 percent OFF all my guides and courses for TODAY ONLY. This sale ends at midnight EST. And yes, that includes Become a Twitter Power User, which begins Feb. 4. A third […]

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New Course! Become a Twitter Power User

September 17, 2012

Here's something you learn oh-so-quickly as an entrepreneur: if your community asks for something, and what they ask for is BRILLIANT, you give it to them. That's why I created Become a Twitter Power User, a course that will run for the first time next month — because YOU asked for it. Some of you […]

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How I Decide Whether to Follow You on Twitter

January 29, 2012

This video was originally part of my new social media course, Make Your Own Luck. (That course, by the way, starts March 5. A third of the spots are taken, so if you want one, sign up now!) But then I realized this would be helpful to many of you, too. So consider this your […]

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Smart Ways to Use Twitter Lists

October 25, 2011

Lists are one of Twitter’s best features because they help you use Twitter strategically, rather than haphazardly. Do you use them yet? If you don’t, hopefully you’ll be convinced to get on that bandwagon by the end of this (short) email. Lists help you see tweets by certain people and drown out all the rest. […]

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To Grow Your Blog, This Works Better Than Commenting

September 29, 2011

During a recent blog-coaching session with the fabulous Sarah Bagley, we were brainstorming how to grow her readership. (Yes, I’m offering blog coaching for individuals!) And Sarah had an ah-ha moment that was rather genius, one that’s worth sharing with you. She used to focus on commenting on other people’s blogs to lure them to […]

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